Long-time Florida homeowners know very well how much it is important to have impact windows in a hurricane zone. They are the first line of defense against the flying debris. If a window breaks during the storm, damage to a home can escalate quickly. Built air pressure can structurally undermine the house and even lift the roof. Hence, to prevent the breach, it is important to have the right kind of protection. However, impact windows are not protecting Florida homes only from hurricane debris.

What exactly is an impact window?

 Impact windows protect Florida beach houses from flying debris.

Impact-resistant windows and doors, commonly known as impact windows and doors, are specially built to withstand break-in. They combine solid, durable frames, impact-resistant laminated glass, and special silicone glazing to keep the two together. The window glass consists of two glass layers bonded with an interlayer of transparent polyvinyl butyral. Heat and pressure forge the layers together in a single piece of laminated glass.

Impact resistance doesn’t imply that these windows are impact-proof. The window can break, however, glass pieces will not shatter. Rather, a web will spread around the impact point. The interlayer in the window will not allow a break-in and will keep the glass in place even if it cracks on impact. It is exactly for this feature that impact-resistant glass is used in the automotive industry for windshields. If your Florida house doesn’t have impact windows yet, it is time for home remodeling before it’s too late.

A hurricane is approaching Florida coast.

What are impact windows good for?

Expectedly, this special kind of window and doors is made to last. That is only the first of its many benefits to Florida homeowners, as it also offers:

  • Protection from flying debris. 
  • Improved home security. 
  • Higher energy-efficiency. 
  • Better noise reduction. 
  • Protection from UV rays. 
  • Higher property value. 
  • Lower insurance costs. 
  • Corrosion-resistant design. 

Protection from flying debris

Withstanding life-threatening winds is the primary function of these special doors and windows. The brutal force of hurricane-strong winds can bring down trees and powerlines, can damage buildings and even blow vehicles off streets. If this is not enough, it lifts all kinds of available debris and shoots it at nearby objects. Moreover, the pressure and suction forces during a hurricane storm are putting a great strain on the house and its elements. If the windows and doors are the weakest links, they will shatter under the influence of these forces and allow further demolition of the house. Impact windows and doors are made in a way to prevent the breach even if hit on impact.

 Florida houses destroyed during a hurricane.

Improved home security

You wouldn’t be the first who hid valuables within boxes stuffed with packing material. Even though packing materials come in different shapes and sizes, they can’t protect your belongings from intruders as impact windows can. These windows and doors deter would-be burglars and offer a strong layer of protection from those intruders who do try to break in.

Better noise reduction

Impact-resistant windows and doors are not soundproof, but they still provide significant noise reduction. Windows owe the lower transmittance of sound to the layers of laminated glass. Moreover, with these windows and doors installed, you don’t require shutters.

A Florida home with impact windows doesn't have nor need shutters.

Higher property value

Numerous benefits of hurricane-resistant windows and doors have made them an important asset of every Floridian home in the hurricane impact zone. It is especially important for homeowners planning to sell their home. These high-quality windows and doors increase the property value. So, before you put your home on the market and call Vision Movers FL to organize your move, know that these valuable features can boost your listing price.

Higher energy-efficiency

Energy-efficient windows help lower your bills, but not all impact-resistant windows have this quality. Impact windows that are also ENERGY STAR labeled cost more, but offer significant savings long-term. They are ideal for the homes in the warm Florida climate, as well as those along the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines. The higher cost of the energy-efficient hurricane-resistant windows comes from additional panes of glass, Low-E coating, and improved window frames.

Energy Star labeled impact windows are costly but also cost-efficient.

Lower insurance costs

The Florida Building Code (FBC) has imposed rigorous tests for building materials to reduce the threat to homeowners. Even better, Florida state legislation requires that insurance companies provide discounts on insurance premiums to homeowners who install impact-resistant windows. Bear in mind, though, that all house openings must be covered by these special windows and doors to qualify for a discount. Moreover, you can receive up to 45% discount on your insurance premiums. However, you will qualify only if you provide your insurance company with a copy of the certification from the impact window company for all windows installed.

Protection from UV rays

Low-E coating for windows is equally efficient at keeping the cool air or heat inside and protecting the home from harmful UV rays year long. Compared to single-pane windows without coating that reflects about 25% of UV rays, the impact-resistant window with Low-E coating reflects around 75% of UV radiation. This radiation is not only harmful to residents, but also to belongings. It causes faster deterioration of the materials and fades colors. Hence, the benefit of installing Low-E coated windows is also in healthier living space and prolonged life of your belongings.

Corrosion-resistant design

Vinyl Impact Windows

Hurricane-strong winds are not the only challenge that South Floridians face. Humid and salty air in the warm climate is responsible for corrosion of window and door frames, handles, and hinges. Impact windows are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish that makes them even more durable. 

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