Finding the best coupons can literally save you hundreds of dollars each month on home goods and basic necessities, like groceries and household items.

There are so many online blogs where experienced couponers boast about all the great stuff they get for cheap, or even for free.

How do they do it? It all begins with understanding where you can find the best discounts and coupon deals.

Online Coupons

online coupons

One of the best things about coupons is that it’s so easy to discover so many great discounts online.

You can discover discount coupons for almost anything and just print them out from your computer.

It’s just like finding free money!

There are online sites that are safe, reputable and always have tons of coupons available..

1. is similar to an online version of the Sunday newspaper coupon section. It has various coupons for everyday items and groceries. You’ll discover coupons for every product from canned soup to toilet paper.

The website is pretty easy to navigate. You will browse through a large list of coupons and will likely find what you’re looking for. Click the little blue box with a plus symbol in order to clip the coupon.

Once you’ve clipped the coupons you want, then you’ll click on the red “Print Coupons” button in the upper top right hand corner. All of the coupons you chose will print, and you’re ready to save!

Krazy Coupon Deals

2. KrazyCouponDeals



Krazy Coupon Deals leads the savings world as a destination that influences purchases and buying decisions through the power of the internet. Specializing in the Home Goods sector we connect partners with our visitors, and engaged shoppers, we drive the growth for the most popular Home Goods brands.

We are dedicated to providing the most innovative promotional solutions for online Home Goods coupons, codes, cash back offers and/or discounts that  provide savings for our users and help our brand partners achieve their goals.

3. SmartSource


SmartSource coupon inserts usually appear in the Sunday paper each week. Their insert has many coupons for a variety of products, including household and grocery items. Including many brand names are included in the SmartSource insert. It’s a grab bag of choices, and you never really know what you’ll get.

4. RedPlum


RedPlum is popular for their Sunday newspaper coupon insert. But, you can also go online and print out RedPlum coupons. However, the RedPlum website doesn’t have all the same coupons you’ll find in the newspaper, but it does have some great deals.

Just go to the Print Coupons section of the RedPlum site to find all of their coupons ready to print. Click on what you want and it will get added to your list to print. When you’re finished, press print and then go to the store and save.

5. Hopster


Hopster does not have as many coupon offers as some of the other sites, but it’s worth a look to find some of the more unique deals. Hopster is very simple to use and usually has unique coupons that you won’t find anywhere else. Their website has a unique selection of coupons for various household products and groceries. Just click the coupons you like. When you’re finished, click print in the top righthand corner in order to print all your coupons.

Newspaper Coupons

 Newspaper Coupons

The old-fashioned way of couponing is clipping coupons from the newspaper, and believe it or not, they still work. The Sunday newspaper still has coupons that you can’t find anyplace else, which can translate into big savings on many items. Here’s how you can discover the best printed newspaper coupons.

Get a weekly copy of your local Sunday newspaper. Some offer delivery on weekend-only or Sunday-only. This is a convenient option so you won’t have to think about picking up the paper on Sunday.

To stock up on items and save big when they are the cheapest, you should get several copies of the Sunday paper each week. Then you can find the best deals and you’ll have several coupons to use and you’ll save even more. Many coupon savers do this and stock up on items when they are at their cheapest.

In addition you can file the coupons for later, to use when those items go on sale, giving you extra savings.

The three biggest coupon inserts in the regular Sunday paper: RedPlum,  SmartSource, and P&G BrandSaver.

6. SmartSource


Similar to RedPlum, SmartSource has an insert provided in the Sunday newspaper every week, and in addition they also offer printable online coupons. Browse through their coupon offers on their website and check the box and “Clip” the coupons you like. When you’re finished, click “Print Coupons” in the top righthand corner. Your coupons will be downloaded as a PDF document. Then print them.

7. RedPlum


Like SmartSource, the RedPlum coupon insert is typically delivered with the Sunday paper every week. You will find different name brands and different products each week. You can find savings on everything from diapers to shampoo, and most of the coupons are pretty good deals.

8. P&G BrandSaver

Less frequently is the P&G BrandSaver insert. Instead of coming every week, these coupons come in your Sunday paper generally once per month. It is also different from RedPlum or SmartSource in their content. P&G BrandSaver includes coupons only for Proctor & Gamble brands.

P&G BrandSaver

And because P&G owns a full array of household name brands. You can find coupon deals for name brands like Crest, Downy, Pantene, Gillette, Tide, Swiffer, and more. Using the brand coupons in the P&G BrandSaver insert gives you as good of a deal (or cheaper) than buying generic stores brands. So, if you shop for name brand quality, and that is what’s most important to you, this coupon insert is perfect for you.

9. Peelies

This term “Peelies” was coined by coupon shoppers. And it refers to coupons that are attached directly to products in the store. They are stickers that are stuck onto the product, and they can provide some great deals.


Be sure to read and check out the fine print. Often times, these coupon deals are good for more products than just the product they’re stuck to. You may be able to use the peel off discounts on a less expensive similar product made by the same brand. Other peel off discounts need to be used only with the product they’re sticking to, although they will still provide you with great discounts.

10. Blinkies


“Blinkies”, are in store coupons. You’ve likely walked right by them without realizing that you could save money with them. Blinkies come in little black boxes that display a blinking light (the reason for the name). They’re generally fixed right on the store shelf and they dispense coupons for the items you see on that shelf.

While you shouldn’t always depend on these coupons being there, it’s a good idea to grab them when you see them. And, may even get you a few valuable extras for your next trip to the store — and the icing on the cake, they’re free!

11. Catalina Coupons

Many grocery stores give out Catalina coupons almost every time you shop. Be on alert the next time you are at the checkout counter at the store. These are coupons that print out on your receipt. You might get a list of coupons or just a few printed right on the receipt.

Catalina coupons

These coupons vary depending on your store and depending on what you purchase. Rewards cards used at your grocery store may track the things you buy frequently, and then they’ll give you similar Catalina coupons for those specific items. So if you buy cereal each week, you’ll get Catalina coupons for cornflakes.

Like blinkies or peelies, these coupons are somewhat unpredictable. One time you may get a good deal and the next time you may get nothing at all. Although, because these coupons are based on your shopping habits and customized just for you, you’ll probably collect at least a few coupons you can use the next time you’re shopping at the store.

Coupon Apps

best coupon apps

Perhaps you don’t have a printer connected to your computer or you’d like to save without wasting paper and ink.

Coupon apps are taking coupon shopping into the next century.

They are an awesome way to receive all the benefits of coupon shopping without actually clipping or printing coupons.

Coupon apps can be combined with traditional coupons.

Say you have a print-out coupon for an item.

Most of the time, you can only use one coupon per item.

But with coupon apps, you can use your coupons, then submit your receipts for cash back when you’re done shopping.

This translates in to huge savings.

With all the different coupon apps, here are our favorites.

1. Ibotta

  • Probably the best coupon app on the internet.
  • No need to jump through hoops to get the discounts and there is money savings with Ibotta.
  • It’s simple and has great deals, making it worth the trouble downloading.
  • You can browse through rebates on a wide variety of products.
  • Most coupon deals are household or grocery items.
  • Find what you like and simply click the plus sign.
  • The app show you a video or ad, and then the coupon discount is simply added to your cart.
  • After you add the deals you like, just go shopping!
  • Include any items you want on your list and check out.
  • After you check out and get your receipt, you should scan your receipt with the Ibotta app.
  • The money that you save will be automatically added to your account within 48 hours.

After you save at least $20, you can withdraw the money in cash via PayPal or Venmo or you can redeem your balance in gift cards.

A great thing about Ibotta app is you can often find deals on off name brand items.

Unlike normal newspaper coupons or on other websites, Ibotta provides coupons that are used for any brand.

Savings on items like bread, bananas, or milk.

Because these coupons can be used on produce or store brand items, certain items will be offered at extremely low prices.

2. Checkout 51

Less deals than Ibotta, but it’s an app well worth downloading.

Incredibly simple to use and it will absolutely save you money each week shopping at the grocery store.

Checkout 51

Scroll through deals that are offered and click on the star that is next to the items you want.

Once you’ve selected your coupons, shop and save with your receipt.

Take a photo of the receipt with the app, and you’ll get the money back.

When you reach $20 of savings, cash out.

3. Flipp

For combining grocery store weekly ads with great coupons, get the Flip App.

flipp logo

It is a little more complicated to use, but it can save money for those who don’t have access to a Sunday paper.

You can see all the coupon inserts and ads you’d usually find in the Sunday paper.

When you see a valuable coupon you want, click it and you will have several  options.

Load the coupons onto your loyalty card to be used at select stores.

That means you will use a card at the store and then connect it online.

Use your card to buy the selected item, and then that discount will automatically be applied to your purchase.

There is no waiting to get your money back with Flipp.

There is also a rebate option with Flipp.

This works something like Checkout 51 or Ibotta.

Choose the coupons you like, go shopping, and then upload your store receipt and you get money back.

There are not as many discounts available this way, but the discounts are definitely worth checking out.