Becoming a parent implies so many beautiful feelings, but it also brings added financial responsibility. Baby stuff can be rather expensive, especially if you want your little one to be a fashionista, or if you are one of those parents who need to have every piece of furniture or gadget made for raising your little princess or rascal. But, you can have your cake and eat it too, trust us. Besides some straightforward ones, we will also discuss some surprising ways to save on baby stuff.

How can you save money on baby items?

There are some rather obvious ways to save some cash on the stuff your baby will use. Those include:

  • buying at sales – this is definitely not one of the surprising ways to save on baby stuff;
  • collecting coupons for baby products – if you are organized and systematic, you won’t hesitate to get the best coupon deals on short notice;
  • waiting for sales events such as Black Friday or Boxing Day;
  • buying low-quality brands (they are neither good for your baby’s health nor your wallet in the long run);
  • getting convertible gear (2-in-1, 3-1 sets, car seats that also serve as a part of stroller, etc.)
  • inheriting clothes and accessories from other babies or buying them in second-hand stores.

On the other hand, there are some less obvious ways to spend less and still get great value for your money.

Buy essentials in bulk and specific stuff in store

Why would buying diapers be any different from buying a pair of cute baby jeans? Well, diapers and food are essentials, and you have to get them, so why not do it sooner and get the discount on the quantity you order? The same goes for the clothes your kid will wear and tearonesies are something you’ll definitely need more than a few, in several colors and in pretty much all sizes.

Baby diapers assorted
Buy essentials in a bulk – it is cheaper that way

On the other hand, a pair of jeans for your little one is not a necessity. You will visit an online store, put them in a cart, then you will get the suggestions on what else you can get to match the chosen item, and you might easily spend more than originally planned. Also, many online stores will not even let you order below the set limit, or they will charge a shipping fee, so you might end up filling the cart with some stuff you don’t even need. For those collection-only items, visit Shiply at – the only reason to have them arrive to your doorsteps cheap.

Tell your friends and relatives what you need

Everybody you know will want to give something to your new baby. Use this opportunity to ask for the stuff you really need and that you are going to use regularly. After all, they will be spending some money on the gift; why should it be something your baby will outgrow in a few weeks, or even worse – something they will not get the chance to wear at all? That often happens when you get a ton of newborn size clothes at your baby shower. Chances are, your baby will outgrow them before even leaving the hospital! There is nothing wrong with being direct and letting your friends know what you need. Trust us; you’ll be doing them a favor, especially if they do not have children of their own.

Three presents with bows.
Ask your friend and family for specific gifts.

Baby registries are a great way to help your friends and family decide what they will get, and they are awesome for your budget since you will be able to return or take back the cash for every duplicate or an item that is too small or too big.

Don’t always trust the stores

Stores selling baby stuff usually have their lists of newborn essentials. Naturally, they are trying to earn as much as they can, and you do not want your baby to miss a thing, so, as a young parent (or a soon-to-be one), you might be easily deceived. The bottom line is – consult the people you trust rather than those you are buying from. Your sibling, colleague, or friend with a bit more parenting experience will give you far better advice. Ask them for a list.

A pair of green baby shoes, some clothes in the background
Sellers might try to convince you to get the items that you do not need

Buy bigger items at the end of the month

Salespersons often have certain monthly goals to reach, so they are more eager to sell as the end of a month approaches. Consequently, they will be more likely to offer better deals and bigger discounts to their buyers. Stores also use coupons to boost their business – good to know if you are in the market for a stroller, car seat, high chair, or anything similar.

Consult your insurance company

Asking your insurance company for financial help might be one of the most surprising ways to save on baby stuff. Some programs will get you covered for a breast pump or some special baby food if your baby has allergies. Others will offer less, but asking them is the least you can do.

Pharmacists and pediatricians can help you save money too

Pharmacies get a ton of free samples to share, which they rarely do unless you ask them directly. That is how you can try different formulas, diapers, lotions, shampoos, and other skin products. You will be able to choose what feels best, plus you will not waste a single dollar. Pediatricians get some free samples from the producers too. Rumor has it that the samples are better-quality versions of the same products you can get in the store, so it is a win-win!

Speaking of skincare products – did you know that you can share them with your baby? You would be surprised how much you can save and improve your skin quality!

A woman holding a bottle of shampoo
Sharing products with your baby can be one of the surprising ways to save on baby stuff

Brand loyalty is not always a good thing

Being loyal to a certain brand can cost you a lot. If you are trying to raise your child on a budget, you have to be more practical. For instance, if your baby’s skin is not too sensitive, you can get almost any diapers out there. They are all dermatologically tested, and you will agree that the prices vary significantly. Be in the know about special deals and buy stuff that you need regardless of the brand.

Getting interested in clothing swaps

By now, you are already aware that you can save a lot when buying baby items and still get the best quality. Many parents think the same way, and that is why there are many swapping programs and online exchange events you can join. Many people swear that this is the best, yet one of the most surprising ways to save on baby stuff.

Author’s Bio: Diane Rose is a mom of three who had ditched her accounting career when she had her first child and started blogging. Her texts are mainly kids-related, but some also tell funny stories of her pets. Diane loves traveling with her family and camping with friends.