Many people start moving without knowing all the details. This is why most customers pay more than necessary, either for moving companies or storage. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can get the best deal on a storage unit or anything related to moving. What are those ways, and how to make them work for you? You are going to find out in the rest of this guide. So, make sure to stick with us till the end and get the best deal possible!

Long term solutions are always cheaper than short term ones

Businesses like to feel safe too. Therefore, almost in any industry, long-term solutions are cheaper and more affordable than short-term ones. In a sense, you get a discount for loyalty to the business, even though it is not cheaper for them.

Clock and money.
By using long-term storage over a short-term one, you’ll save more money on your storage unit. In a way, you get a discount for your loyalty.

The same is true for storage facilities. Long-term storage solutions are almost always far more affordable than short-term ones. It is a win-win situation: a storage facility gets a customer for a more extended period, and a customer gets to keep their stuff at lower rates.

Get a storage unit that is a little bit further

Location, location, location! Location is everything. A well-positioned business within a town or a city will attract more customers than one that doesn’t have such a location.

This means that a business with a better location will have the luxury of raising the prices. And the difference in prices can be significant!

So, if you are ok with traveling a little bit longer to get to your storage unit, getting a unit that is a little bit further is a great way to save some money.

Compare different storage and moving companies to get the best deal on a storage unit

Of course, like in any market, not all companies have the same prices. The price of a deal depends on many factors, and your best way to get an accurate picture of how much a storage unit costs is to compare and analyze many storage units.

Searching for the best deal online.
Comparing different services is easy nowadays!

It is not hard to do that. By simply searching for storage or moving companies with storage capabilities online, you find a wide variety of options. Also, says that customers often choose moving companies based on whether they offer storage solutions as well. It’s a matter of convenience. 

After that, you need to take your time and compare different companies. Pay close attention to their prices, offers, sales, and reviews. It’s up to you what you want and what you can afford!

Don’t get a storage unit with climate control if you don’t need it

Storages with climate control are some of the best storage solutions around! Many people don’t even want to consider renting a storage unit without it. With it, you know that your stuff is safe and protected from any kind of environmental conditions you don’t want.

However, not all items need to be kept in such conditions. Actually, you usually don’t need to keep most of your stuff in climate-controlled units. Most of your property will be just fine in standard storage units unless, of course, you live in a place with extreme conditions.

Unless you have an expensive car or an artwork that needs to be kept in pristine condition at all times, there is no reason to pay more for climate control. Of course, keeping things in a climate-controlled storage unit is always better, but it is always more expensive too.

So, if you want to save some money and get the best deal out of your storage provider, make sure to use climate-controlled units only when you need to.

The best-case scenario is that your moving company offers storage

Moving is a stressful and demanding period. If you want to stay cool and relaxed and not sign different contracts with different companies, you should try to find a moving company with storage capabilities. 

Not all moving companies can do both. Usually, you’ll find movers who only move people’s stuff from point A to point B. This means you’ll have to search for a storage solution at your chosen destination, which can be a problem if you’re doing it from another location.

Movers on their way to get the best deal on a storage unit.

If you want to truly get the best deal on a storage unit during your relocation, make sure to find a moving company that has storage.

So, make sure to find a moving company that has storage units if you are moving somewhere. You’ll save yourself valuable time and energy.

There are ways to save your money on other things

Many methods outside of actually dealing with a company itself can help you save some money on your storage needs.

For starters, there are plenty of ways to save money on packing supplies. You can find old but usable boxes, get some packing materials at lower prices, etc. 

Also, there are ways in which you can save some money on the moving process. Moving companies usually calculate the cost of moving by two main parameters: distance traveled and the weight of the load. And usually, there is no need to relocate everything you own to another location. So you can declutter, dell, donate, or throw away useless items.

A similar is true for storage units. If you find yourself in a situation that you need to rent more storage units, this usually means that you are bringing more stuff than you need to. So, make reasonable choices and only store what you really need.

We hope that our advice will help you get the best deal on a storage unit during your move. Best of luck with your relocation.

Bio: Jonathan Artest is a freelance content creator specializing in moving companies, international and national relocations, and the textile industry. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys sewing and basketball.