If you are planning to rent a self-storage unit, you must keep in mind that they can be expensive. So before you go and select the first one you find or the nearest one, you should consider your budget. Many people are restricted when it comes to money, so it’s good to know how to lower your expenses or get discounts on self-storage units. 

Paying lower rates is possible with some research and asking the right questions. Give yourself a few hours to roam the internet in search of an adequate self-storage unit for you. And remember to ask for a discount.

Things to consider

Don’t let location limit your search

If you want to downsize your home, you will need to organize a lot of your belongings. This is where a storage unit can come in handy. Depending on your needs and the frequency with which you will have to access it, the unit possibly doesn’t have to be near you. And this can be a lowering point for the renting fee. Some remote areas can have lower real estate prices, and with that, the prices for storage units also fall. If you are looking for a place to store items that you don’t have to use frequently, it is a good idea for you to search a wider area for a good storage unit.

A view of the night lights of a distant city during winter.
Don’t hesitate to look for a storage unit that is not near you.

Don’t go beyond your needs

Some items that people store need specific handling, a climate control unit, or some special service. This all adds to the final price. The storage unit needs to be dry and clean. Moreover, inquire about how you can keep it clean and bug-free and if the storage provider offers a service that will ensure this, check if that falls under the standard offer. 

Consider items that you want to store, and if you don’t have any electronics, fragile items, artwork, or musical instruments, you probably don’t need any special services. This fact can save you money. Make an inventory of your items and try to stay with the option of the standard unit.

Try to avoid drive-up units

While it is easier to load your items from the truck directly into the storage unit, it is also more expensive. Instead, it would be best if you considered storage units on the upper floor. Every flight of stairs or need to use elevators in the building can decrease the storage price. You should decide what is more important for you – convenience or lowering some of the costs.

Choose your size well

To get the best possible deal, you need to have an inventory of your items and know how big a unit you need. Packing is also essential. If you pack and organize your belongings well and efficiently, they can fit in a much smaller unit. The size of the unit dramatically influences the storage rent.

Several ways to get discounts on self-storage units

Every industry is competitive, and the storage industry is not an exception. Many operators in this line of work will try to offer special deals and unique services to acquire loyal customers for their company. Doing online research and asking for their offers is fundamental. Consider the following list for potential questions you could ask.

A image stating “Special offer”
If you know how to get discounts on self-storage units, or anything else, it can save you a lot of money.

Pay in advance or commit to long term rental

Most storage businesses will offer special deals or discounts for people interested in paying a few months in advance. Just be sure that you need the storage space for that specific period of time.

If you know that you need a long-term rental, you will probably be able to make a deal that will be much more appealing to you. As you will likely rent for more than a year, you could get a discount on your monthly rates. The downside can be that if you want to cancel your rental, you might have to pay some penalties. Be very careful when you are signing your paperwork.

Student, senior or military discounts

Discounts for seniors, students, or the military are often available. If you belong to one of those groups, be sure to ask if there are any discounts. Even if you see that a deal was a special offer that has expired, mention that deal and try to negotiate toward that offer.

Group discounts and referral bonus

There are many different discounts that you could stumble upon, from a military discount to a moving discount. It can all in some way apply to you. If you and a few other people, your company, or perhaps the organization you are a member of, require storage space, try to get a special discount. There is a possibility that storage unit facilities will grant a discount if they know that they will rent a few of the units simultaneously.

Another option is for you to ask about a referral bonus. That could ensure that you get some of your money back, or you might get one month rent-free. Your referral to a friend needs to be successful for this bonus to work.

Service bundles might be the thing that you need

Storage facilities can also offer some additional services that you have planned to find elsewhere. This way, you can get the service you need for a better price than if you went elsewhere. For example, a facility might have moving trucks that they offer for free or for a lower price to new storage renters. Even if the storage unit has a higher initial cost, when you consider the additional services that come with it, it can bring you significant savings.

A row of trucks parked on the side of the road.
There are storage facilities that offer additional services as bundles, one of those is the rental of moving trucks.

Find out about the experience of others

Research the reviews of people who have used storage facilities, see what they say, how much they have paid and what discount they got. Not only will you find out what storage facilities are good, but you will also get some direction as to which facilities are ready to negotiate with you about prices. You could also find out the best ways to look for and organize coupons, offers, and discounts

Get your hands on a computer keyboard and find out how to get discounts on self-storage units.
You will spend most of your time searching online.

Cost reduction for autopay

If you are willing to arrange for paying with an autopay credit card or you sign up for direct debit payments, you might get a cost reduction. Those reductions are not as significant as some discounts, but they can be noticeable, and it helps you avoid missing payments.

If you do your research well, there are specific discounts that you could find and use. Some facilities give the first month for free for new renters; others give special online codes for booking units online. Give yourself some time and start investigating, and soon enough, you will be an expert on how to get discounts on self-storage units.

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