Well-known for many decades for using authentic materials and beautiful lampshades. Today, elegantly designed table lamps and floor lamps are created by top name designers such as Larry Laslo and Alexander Julian. 

About Frederick Cooper Lamps and Lighting

Established an art studio in Chicago in 1923 where he created fine water-colors and sculptures. At that time, table lamps and lighting fixtures were in the early stages of development and Chicago was the lighting capital of the world. He soon began designing innovative lighting fixtures & lamps using various types of materials, such as fabric, brass, nickel, wood, and glass.  Their goal was to offer a range of styles from Traditional, Art Deco, Cubist, Organic, to Modern – with elegant, clean lines.


Frederick Cooper Lamps

Fredrick Cooper lamps are a perfect example of form and function. These lamps are art that light! They are made of fabulous materials like nickel, copper, jade, and alabaster. Frederick Cooper is known as a contemporary artist.  But if your style is traditional don’t despair.  Our line of Frederick Cooper lamps includes many that will work beautifully in a traditional setting.


Are almost a must-have for a well-designed lighting plan. They are beautiful, dramatic or sleek and sophisticated – an instant touch of modern or traditional depending on the style. They offer a warm, inviting light comparable to a table lamp – but can be used where a table cannot or to replace one. Browse through our line of exciting Frederick Cooper floor lamps for the perfect floor lamp for your room, whatever room that may be. 

The company always started with the ideas and drawings from their network of designers that operated from across the globe. They aspired to create lamps and lampshades made from luxurious fabrics that were of unrivaled quality. Frederick Cooper lamps have become synonymous as a brand offering the finest quality. These lamps have been featured in luxury resorts and embassies around the world – and the White House.

In 2011 Wildwood Lamps and Accents established an agreement with Frederick Cooper to manufacture and distribute 300 of their top-selling table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers. Since 2011, Alexander Julian and Larry Laslo, previous Frederick Cooper design collaborators, have been distributing their line of lighting products through Wildwood.