CHELSEA HOUSE is true beauty that transcends time – Chelsea House lamps are inspired by classical designs and often modified for current design trends. Styles range from Traditional to Modern – and from whimsical to elegant ~

Offering upscale hand-made Table and Floor Lamps, Chandeliers, Lanterns, Pendants, Sconces, Wall Art & Wall Mirrors…. The Chelsea House name remains one of the most desired brands in the home furnishings industry. ~

Chelsea House offers a variety of exquisite lighting fixtures in the affordable and high-end price range. Chandeliers and pendants are available in a wide range of stunning styles, sizes, finishes, and prices.


Chelsea House has beautiful floor lamps available in TraditionalModern, and Rustic Styles ~

Chelsea House creates timeless & ageless lighting, gorgeous mirrors, stunning art, and beautiful accents for your home.

Chelsea House’s traditional designs support trends instead of designing pieces that lose their appeal in a short period of time. Timeless is the goal, not outdated pieces that lose their timeless glow. Chelsea House products reflect modern-day living. Most succumb to changing trends, but Chelsea House recognizes the trend and adapts as needed. This is exactly why business is booming because they are committed to having the highest of standards, combined with sophisticated style.

Chelsea House is about creating classic & timeless light fixtures that will always stand the test of time and be as ”relevant” three decades from now as it is today. Chelsea House creates lighting that defines style and quality with a full line of elegant lighting in a styles, sizes, and types for every room in your home. Whether you want a chandelier or pendant light fixture to be used above your kitchen island, hanging above your dining table, or if you’d like to provide more glamour to your living room – Chelsea House offers what you need and what you want.

Chelsea Home is a premier leader, manufacturing beautiful lighting fixtures with unmatched quality and service, Chelsea House is committed to excellence. As new styles of art emerge, Chelsea House is always inspired to introduce new designs and product lines. Chelsea House diversifies tastes and explores different styles to accent your home. Talented designers and master craftsman make Chelsea House lighting right for any stylish home. Chelsea House is leading a design revolution that is spreading to homes around the world.

Chelsea House light fixtures are a must for any new lighting design. Beautiful Chelsea House lighting is functional and flexible and offers stylish comfort and that will never cease to impress. Beautiful light fixtures that mix affordable pricing and beautiful lighting and decor selections that bring you and your home high up into the realm of high fashion.