Ok, so you have been guilty on the charge of not keeping track of your coupons. And the sentence is a bunch of old coupons that you have no clue what to do with. And it’s true – in some cases, companies won’t accept your coupons after a certain date. But the good news is: that’s not a rule. So you may just end up saving your money even though your coupon is out of date! So let’s see if you can still use expired coupons – and how to do it in the best way possible.

Can you still use expired coupons and how?

How to use expired coupons

So you haven’t been good at planning and organizing your coupons? Don’t worry – there’s hope! But before we begin, there are certain rules when it comes to using expired coupons!

The first one is simple – although it seems illogical at first: do not cut or hide the expiration date of your coupon. By doing this, you will simply destroy your coupon and thus all your chances of ever using it again. Besides, being honest is, in this case, is always your best choice. The second one is that the sooner you use your expired coupons, the better.

planning and organizing your coupons

Let’s see if you can still use expired coupons – and how to do it in the best way possible.

Some companies are friendlier than others

The truth about using expired coupons is that, in most cases, it all depends on the company or the store wherein you are going to use your coupon. Some stores will gladly break this rule, while others, well, they won’t be as friendly. Basically, there are various types of coupons and you can use them in many ways. The other important thing is: the value of your coupon. And the greater the value your coupon has, the less likely you can use it.

So the first thing you need to do is determine the value of your coupon. For example, if you are using your coupon for expensive relocation services, and the moving company is not accepting your expired coupon, just keep in mind there’s a way to get rid of junk at reasonable price. In fact, you may end up paying less than you would with your coupon! Just remember – if the value of your coupon is smaller, you’ll have better chances of swapping it for a new one.

Coupons that expired up to 7 days ago

Another thing to consider is the date on your expired coupon – the earlier it expired, the more chances you have to still use it. And remember one more thing: in cases of using expired coupons, your personal charm can do wonders! So use your best smile, go to the store or call the company and say that you are guilty of the charge of having expired coupons. Be friendly and kindly ask if there is anything they can do. Ask if maybe they have the same (or similar) coupon that you can use. If there’s nothing they can do about it, don’t worry. You can always search for others deals, if not even best coupon sources online. At the end of the day, it’s not that big of a deal if you can’t use it, right? There will be more coupons in your life!

There will be more coupons in your life

Consider the date on your expired coupon – the earlier it expired, the more chances you have to still use it.

Some coupons – and stores – have a grace period

If you are a beginner in coupon business, you may not know that certain companies allow a grace period of a few days for coupons. You can easily check that online or on the company’s website. If the coupon doesn’t have a grace period – stores might have. Again, if it’s been just a couple of days, they will probably be willing to accept your coupons.

Ask to change the coupon

Being polite and kind can do wonders in life – and coupon switching! If you’re nice, there’s a big chance that you can simply swap the old coupon to a new one, just ask at the register. If not, maybe the cashier can offer you coupons on the same deal but other brands, so you can end up saving money anyways.
Every company has different rules, and most importantly, every store has a different person working at the cash register. If you’re kind and nice to cashier, the chances are they will be kind and nice to you too. Also, if you’re a frequent buyer, they will likely let you use your expired coupon.

Coupons that expired up to 7 days ago

Maybe the cashier can offer you coupons on the same deal but other brands.

The just about to expire coupons

Ok, maybe your coupons didn’t expire,  but you have a number of coupons you’re not sure what to do with? You maybe can use one, but you not sure what to do with the rest.
If you want to use more coupons on more items but in one purchase, you just need to ask at the register. That is, if coupon has “1 coupon per transaction limit”, there’s a way around it. It’s simple – the cashier can simply divide your transactions. Ok, you may be holding up the line, but it’s not that big of a deal. The other thing you can do is to give it away to a person behind you in a store. It’s always nice being kind to others – and you won’t use those coupons anyways, right?

Bottom line

There’s always a way to use expired coupons – if there’s a will. See if your coupons have a grace period, swap it, or ask for a different coupon. In the end, if you’re kind, you can always ask if they might make an exception for you.

Every company has different rules

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