Tactics for living alone without breaking the bank

Written on October 18, 2020 in Tips

Being able to live alone is the ultimate goal for so many young people from all educational backgrounds. If you have spent your late teens or early twenties living with a roommate (or a couple of them), you might feel like the time for a change has come. However, a lot of preparation has to…

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Woman holding a credit card and looking at her laptop

Surprising ways to save on baby stuff

Written on October 3, 2020 in Life

Becoming a parent implies so many beautiful feelings, but it also brings added financial responsibility. Baby stuff can be rather expensive, especially if you want your little one to be a fashionista, or if you are one of those parents who need to have every piece of furniture or gadget made for raising your little…

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5 Secrets to successful couponing

Written on August 3, 2020 in online coupons

Frugality is like a muscle. You have to keep using it in order for it to work when you need it. Couponing is a great way of practicing frugality. It helps you save money without having to make major sacrifices when it comes to what you buy. Whether you are only starting to look into…

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Couponing guide for students

Written on June 27, 2020 in discounts

Student life is considered an important turning point in life, a milestone that represents a time when a teen becomes an adult. This journey into adulthood is often paved with numerous personal decisions. Some of the most important ones are in respect to life away from the nest. Planning how to support oneself during studies…

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Impact windows protect Florida beach houses from flying debris

Why it is so important to have impact windows in Florida

Written on April 14, 2020 in bargains

Long-time Florida homeowners know very well how much it is important to have impact windows in a hurricane zone. They are the first line of defense against the flying debris. If a window breaks during the storm, damage to a home can escalate quickly. Built air pressure can structurally undermine the house and even lift…

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