You’ve probably decided that your rental is in need of serious upgrading. And it’s reasonable that landlords don’t expect tenants to want to invest in the property, especially considering the expenses they had during the move. On the other hand, landlords can also find renovations to be too expensive. For this reason, we’ll mention several affordable ways to upgrade your rental.

Why you should upgrade your rental

A rental in poor condition is unacceptable if the landlord’s goal is to increase the rent. However, after a couple of touch-ups, they can attract people willing to pay more for living in a lovely home. So, before the crew from Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas arrives with all your tenant’s moving boxes, check out these affordable rental upgrades.

Add a dimmer in the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms for tenants. If your bedroom looks like a high-end space and is easy to create an atmosphere, it can make a big difference. Luckily, this is an easy upgrade:  simply replace the light switch with a sliding light dimmer. The ambiance will be much more pleasant, and everyone can choose how much light they want in their room.

A bedroom with dimmed lights.
Dimmed lights help set the atmosphere.

Add lighting in the closet

The chances are that you can already see what’s in the closet with the help of a nearby source of lighting. However, added lighting makes a big difference, as it makes the closet look more elegant. What’s best, it’s not an expensive addition. You can use track lighting, LEDs, or ceiling lights for this purpose. If there are no electric outlets available, battery-powered LED lights are a great solution. Since these lights use low voltage, there won’t be a need to replace the battery anytime soon.

Update appliances

Appliances are important to renters, and updating them can make a big difference in the home’s appeal. New tenants will use microwaves and dishwashers every day, and they would feel much better knowing that they don’t have to worry about repairing them anytime soon. For this reason, it would not only be right to replace the broken appliances, but also the older ones. 

You might be wondering what to do with the older devices that still work, and a great solution comes in the form of a storage unit. With good packing techniques, you can use that space wisely and put many different items from the rental that you’re not sure what to do with at the moment. Until you get an idea or find a way to sell them for a fair price, a storage facility is an excellent place to keep them safe and sound.

Replace old fixtures 

Old fixtures can make a rental property look poorly maintained. Small fixtures such as faucets, vent covers, cupboards, light switches, drawer handles, and knobs are not expensive. It’s actually quite easy to replace them by yourself, and it can make a space look shiny and new. The secret to doing this is finding the fixtures of the same size. This way, you won’t have to drill new holes. You can mix styles for a unique, eclectic look. Visit thrift stores and try to find one-of-a-kind-pieces that would look well in your home. 

Remember, it’s not only in the landlord’s interest that the rental looks great. If tenants upgrade the rental, they get to live in a beautiful space by investing almost nothing.

Small changes can make a kitchen look new.

Landscaping improvements

Landlords sometimes forget how vital landscaping is. But, remember, the quality of the property’s curb appeal will be affected by the state that the trees and the grass are in. The front lawn is probably the first thing that the renters will notice. If they see a patchy front yard, messy bushes, and tree limbs getting very close to the roof, they will not get the best first impression. Actually, anything they see inside might not be able to lessen the negative first impression. This is because landscaping could be considered a sign of how well the owner maintains the house and the property. The renter might not want to sign a long-term lease, as it could indicate that the owner will neglect their demands for necessary repairs. 

To find some inspiration, scour the web for some front yard garden ideas, or you can turn to a local landscaping company to take care of your bushes and trees. Also, it’s not hard to lay grass or plant some flowers. Most importantly, not only will it take only a bit of your time, but it also won’t cost you a lot to do this. And in the end, you’ll notice a big difference, as you’ll get many interested renters.

A bottle of wine and glasses on a table in an outside sitting area.
Landscaping matters.

A new coat of paint

Another thing the potential renter will notice immediately is old paint or outrageous or outdated choice of décor. A simple coat of new paint in a modern, neutral color can give your property a new look, especially if the previous tenants had kids or pets.

Replace your shower head

Even though you might not believe this, home remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. While these repairs can make a significant difference, so can smaller ways to upgrade your rental. For example, an excellent way to make your bathroom look like a luxurious spa is to replace the old shower head with a high-end rain shower style shower head. You can find a nice one for less than $50. What’s great is that the installation is not too difficult and doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s important to remember to turn the water main off. Also, as there’s nothing wrong with the old showerhead, you can store it somewhere; you might need it at some point.

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