It’s a fact that home renovations are expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, there are many ways to renovate your home on a budget. So if you are looking for affordable improvements for your Miami home and want to remodel often-overlooked spaces, you came to the right place. It is surprising what a significant impact these renovations can have on a rooms’ style and function. We tried to include some DIY projects and ways to update your bathroom, kitchen, and backyard on a budget. So, let’s dive right in!

First things first

Even if you feel inspired to tackle some renovation projects, there are a couple of things to deal with before rolling up your sleeves. We agree it all looks glamorous on Instagram and Pinterest. Still, the reality is often different, especially when it comes to the things that need to be done before the renovation. So, here are some things to consider prior to the makeover.

  • Make a list – Before starting any project, it’s good to jot down some ideas about what you want. Decide which rooms you want to tackle first and how. 
  • Plan your budget – Even though the tips you are about to see are budget-friendly, it’s easy to get distracted and spend much more than you initially planned. Therefore, sticking to a pre-planned budget is essential.
  • Decide how you will declutter your home – Before any remodeling, it’s crucial to get everything out of the way. But, the question is, how do I get my stuff out of the way while still having access to them? Renting storage during remodeling is the key to getting things done. Fortunately, many companies provide affordable and safe space for your belongings. Hiring professionals to help you with packing, loading, moving, and unloading your stuff is a great solution, as well. 
  • Make a ‘to buy list’ and try to stick to it! You’ve decided to tackle some affordable improvements for your Miami house, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, keep your list realistic and in accordance with your needs and budget.

Easy home upgrades you can do on a budget

Here are a few affordable things you can do to upgrade your Miami home:

  • Add crown molding
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint kitchen cabinets
  • Renew old flooring
  • Add more greenery to your backyard
  • Install a water filter
  • Give your bathroom a makeover
  • Stop clutter at the door

Accentuate your ceilings with crown molding

Crown moldings add charm and value to any room. They can help you upgrade a standard, simple room into an elegant space everyone will love to spend time in. And all that without breaking your budget.

A fresh coat of paint

Revive your rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Painting is probably number one on the list of affordable improvements for your Miami home. The power of a coat of paint is mind-blowing. It can make old and washed-out walls look flawless and new again.

Give your kitchen cabinets a spotless finish

As long as your cabinet doors are in function, you can clean them, sand the old paint down, prep them, and repaint them reasonably easily and quickly. The good thing is that repainting your cabinets will cost you a fraction of the cheapest new cabinets on the market, yet it will completely change up the look of your kitchen. Another thing that can add a little bit of spice is changing the hardware so that everything matches.

A white kitchen with an island
Repainting your cabinets is easy, and it makes a big difference.

Renew old flooring

Hardwood floors give any room a warm and cozy feel. Still, they tend to lose their sparkle with time, high foot traffic, and dirt. Polishing your wooden floors is the key to keeping them like new. And since this project requires bare floors, you might want to consider hiring moving experts such as those at Pro Movers Miami to help. They can provide you with storage space and help you move your furniture out of the way. You should try to polish your wooden floors at least once a year to revive them and make your rooms look spotless.

Don’t forget the outside

Make sure to create some shade from the sun and protection from insects. Adding greenery to your backyard is an excellent budget-friendly improvement that will give your home exterior a natural, cozy, and loving touch. 

A backyard with a pool, a lot of greenery, and a white stone handrail
Create an oasis in your backyard – place for friends and family to get together.

Another outside improvement you might want to consider is power washing and hand-scrubbing your deck. Once your deck is spotless, brush it over with a protective coat to make your effort last longer.

One of the affordable improvements for your Miami home is to install a water filter

Many people drink bottled water due to their concerns about tap water purity. Installing a water filter will save you the hassle of buying and moving heavy water bottles, and you will always have clean water available. 

Give your bathroom a makeover

There are numerous ways to upgrade your bathroom, from improving the lighting to adding more details. An affordable way to get that elegant look you’ve always wanted is to add new countertops. Then, complete this bathroom renovation with a large mirror and a new faucet, and you are done!

A stylish bathroom with a large mirror
Having an elegant bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive. Instead, you need to get creative.

Declutter your entryway

The entryway is the passage from your house to the outer world and the first thing you see when you get back home. This is also a place where you greet your visitors and where they form their first impression of your home. Therefore, to declutter your entryway, start by making more storage space. If it is too small for that, go vertical! Create a dedicated section for each family member with wooden storage baskets. This way, things like shoes, bags, bills, and keys won’t create a mess, and you will enjoy a clutter-free entryway every day.

Are you remodeling your home in Miami?

Turning the perfect Pinterest house into reality means you will have many things to consider, mainly from the aspect of money. So, we tried to make a list of affordable improvements for your Miami home to help get you started and going. Happy renovating!

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Nicholas Travis has been working in the real estate industry for over 8 years. He likes to share his knowledge and expertise through blogging about DIY home improvement projects, home staging, and decorating. When he is not working, he likes to spend time gardening in his vacation home.