We cannot but notice that the couponing fever has been spreading really fast in recent years. Modern consumers have stopped taking shopping for granted and started a search for the best strategies to shop and yet save as much money as possible. Hence, it does not surprise that more and more beginners start couponing and trying to learn the secrets of stacking. However, to be able to use all the potential this latest shopping trend offers, there are certain types of coupons you need to know about. We can list as many as 11 for you.

Manufacturer Coupons

A young woman smiling at different percentage values marking discounts
Manufacturer coupons are, by all means, among the types of coupons you need to know about.

As the name suggests, these are the coupons offered directly by the product’s manufacturer. Those who know how to find coupon sources will tell you that manufacturer coupons are available in newspapers, on relevant websites or in different applications. Most often, you can use one coupon per item and up to four items in a single transaction. To get the biggest saving, you can stack these coupons with store coupons, Catalinas, loyalty program discounts or rebate app offers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stack various manufacturer coupons on the same item.

Store Coupons

A supermarket
Store coupons are offered by a particular store and cannot be used anywhere else.

Store coupons are offered by a particular store and cannot be used anywhere else. They are a perfect means to attract customers’ attention and win their loyalty. The two basic types of these coupons include dollar-off and percentage-off coupons. When stacked with loyalty program discounts, manufacturer coupons or rebate app offers, they can leave a considerable number of dollar banknotes safely in your purse.


Catalinas are coupons you get at a store after finishing your purchase. They are long and narrow, which is why they resemble receipts very much. Once your purchase is over, Catalinas come out of the receipt printer and you can use them the next time you decide to buy something at the same shop. Interestingly, Catalinas can be both manufacturer and store coupons. More importantly, you can stack these coupons with anything but Catalinas of the same type. A great convenience, isn’t it?

Digital coupons

A laptop on a desk.
Search the internet to find digital coupons.

The technological era we live in has made it possible for passionate shopaholics to get their coupons with money-saving offers without leaving the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, you can get digital coupons in just a few clicks. These can be inside a brand or store application, or you can download them onto your loyalty card. Both manufacturer and store coupons are available in this form. All you need to do is assess the coupons closely, read the fine print and make sure what type of coupons you are dealing with.

Printable coupons

A printer you can use to print printable coupons which are definitely among the types of coupons you need to know about.
Find printable coupons, print them and head right to the store.

It does not take much common sense to understand how printable coupons got their name. By visiting relevant websites, customers can find either manufacturer or store printable coupons, print them and use them to get the guaranteed discount later on. If you include other members of your family into this endeavor, you significantly increase your chances to save on each and every purchase. You can all print these coupons and take them to the same store.


Blinkers are a common type of coupons in grocery and retail shops. They are usually placed in small black boxes close to the products they are for. These coupons got their name because of the little blinking red light on the aforementioned black boxes they are in.

These types of coupons are particularly interesting for children. They enjoy looking for them while exploring the shelves in the aisles.


It is not difficult to guess what peelies are. Those who have studied the detailed couponing guide closely probably know that these are found directly on a product in the form of a peel-away sticker. Normally, they are manufacturer coupons you need to peel off immediately and use instantly for your purchase. As a great majority of coupons, peelies, too, offer either dollar-off or percentage-off discount to the buyers.


Hangtags are yet another type of coupons you need to know about when you go shopping. They are hanging off the products, so you will notice them easily. Most often, hangtags are found on drinks, jellies, oils, and similar. Generally, anything with a “neck” long enough to hang a coupon on can be offered to buyers with a hangtag. This type of coupons can be used immediately, one coupon per item.

Loyalty program promotions

A piggy bank.
Loyalty program promotions can help you not break the bank.

Loyalty program promotions are very useful if you have a few favorite stores where you conduct all your purchases. The main principle underlying this program is to enter a loyalty club and then collect points or store cash to be used in one of your next purchases. This enables you to save considerable amounts of money in the long run.

Not only stores do apply this type of program. Many companies that offer various services ask their satisfied clients to join the loyalty program and get entitled to certain benefits. For example, if you are looking for reliable movers like Four Winds Saudi Arabia, you should do research on whether the companies you are considering offer any loyalty programs. Also, when you decide to join a gym, a similar business strategy might be used by the gym owner so that you can benefit from being a member of their loyalty club.

Rebate app offers

Rebate app offers are among the types of coupons you need to know about because they are everybody’s favorite. They can stack with every type of coupon and provide you with substantial discounts on your purchases. All you need to do is check out once you leave the store, take a picture of the receipt, or scan the QR code on the receipt. Then, you can get some of your cash back via PayPal.

Discounted gift cards

A man offering a gift card.
Although they are not coupons in the traditional sense, discounted gift cards help you save money on your purchases.

While these are not coupons in the traditional sense, discounted gift cards can also help you save while shopping. It is not uncommon for people to sell the gift cards they do not need or want to third party sites. Then, these sites sell the cards to passionate shoppers at a lower price. This way, customers even get a few dollars off the original value of the card, which is a real bargain indeed.

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