Is there a pet parent out there who wouldn’t do just anything for their pet? Whether that pet is a dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, or something completely fifth, if it is yours, you love it with your whole heart – that we know. But what we also already know is that pet-related things (everything from furniture and toys to food and health care) can be crazy expensive. So, today, we will share ten money-saving tips for pet owners! 

1. Make Your Own Pet Toys

Our frugal pet-friendly tips and tricks should, before anything else, include your furry friend’s most favorite thing in the world – toys. It goes without saying that pet toys aren’t that expensive. For a couple of dollars, you can buy a rubber duck for your dog, a plastic mouse for your cat, a wheel for your hamster, etc. However, it also goes without saying that pets like to destroy their toys – they can destroy them in a couple of hours if they really like them. So, to save money, try to make some toys on your own. Check out Pinterest for some ideas, for example. Or, ‘google’ how to make scratching poles or tug toys, etc. Let your creativity run wild!

But, if you don’t find yourself wildly creative, do not worry. Another way owners can save money on pet toys is to buy them using coupons. Couponing is a great way to practice frugality and save money not only on your pets but on everything.

A cat lying in a basket.
Don’t waste money on pet toys – make them yourself.

2. Make Your Own Pet Bed

Another great money-saving tip for pet owners is making their own pet bed. Pet beds, just like toys, often get destroyed by our little furry friends. So, instead of buying a new one every once in a while, consider making one by yourself. All you need is some fabric (something old like a cotton shirt, hoodie, etc.), your old cardboard box from the last relocation, and a sewing kit. And, do not worry, you do not have to be a seamstress to do this – the simplest stitch will do the trick.

3. Make Your Own Pet Food

This is the last DIY money-saving tip for pet owners, we promise. Making your own pet food will not only be great for your budget but also for your pet’s health, believe it or not. Namely, the pet food we buy is usually made from discarded meets and is full of salts and artificial colors. Save your pet from these, and buy them food from your local butcher. You can purchase cheap meats and process them yourself using a meat grinder. Do the same with rabbit or parrot food – buy salads from your greengrocer and seeds from healthy food stores.

Choosing to make your pet food by yourself will also be a great idea if you move somewhere where the brand you were using can’t be found. We all know how fussy pets can be when you change their diet. So, before your Teddy Moving and Storage movers come to relocate you all, be sure to make large batches of pet food.

4. Take Your Pet to the Vet Regularly

Okay, going to the vet more than necessary may seem more like an expense than saving, we know. But think about the future – the future of your pet and your wallet. If you take your pet to the vet regularly and have it thoroughly examined, you will be able to catch any possible disease on time and cure them without spending too much money. Just think about it – it is much better to pay for medicine than for an operation or something even worse.

Going to the regular vet check-ups saves money in the long run.

Alt-tag: A vet examining a dog.

5. Buy Pet Supplies in Bulk

If you don’t enjoy making your own pet foods, treats, toys, medicine, etc., there is still a way to save money on all of those. And, that way is to buy everything in bulk. You probably already know this, but stores will give you a discount when you buy almost anything in bulk. Sometimes, that will be a 5% discount, and sometimes it will be 50%. Of course, the second discount is usually achieved by couponing. So, once again, try to find the best coupon deals – they are a great way to save money.

6. Use Packing Materials for DIYing

When moving, people tend to overbuy packing materials. At first, it may seem like that’s causing some unwanted moving expenses. Still, they’re actually saving money in the long run: to prevent additional costs and additional returning to the store and ensure a safe relocation of their belongings. So, if you are someone who overbuys some items such as gloves, tapes, boxes, etc., then great, use that for your pets. For instance, use rubber gloves for hair removal. Use duct tape instead of lint rollers. Or, use boxes and packing appear to create toys and play areas.

7. Give Your Pet Plenty of Exercises

This tip may also confuse you. You probably wonder how you could possibly save money by exercising with your pet, right? Well, let us explain. When you exercise your furry friends daily, you improve their health. So, you lower the chances of high medical bills later on.

What’s more, daily exercise will also burn your pet’s energy and result in them not destroying your furniture, rugs, doors, etc. Thus, take your dogs and cats for a walk as much as you can. This is especially important if you don’t have a yard or just moved and downsized your home. Pets will need to use their energy somewhere – so it is better to use it outside than inside.

A family walking a dog.

Caption: Going for a walk can be beneficial for both pets and pet parents.

8. Bathe and Groom Your Pet at Home

There is no need for you to take your dog to the groomers every month. These ‘beauty’ visits are costly. So, instead of wasting your money on them, learn how to bathe your furry friends by yourself. It is not complicated. All you have to do is invest in some good-quality shampoos, conditioners, and brushes. By doing the bathing at home, you will save anywhere from 50$ to 300$ every month.

9. And, Clip Those Nails at Home

Just like bathing, clipping your dog’s or cat’s nails is something you can do all by yourself. You just need to invest in some good pet nail clippers, and that is it. Of course, if your pet gets a little bit wiggly, be sure to ask a friend or a family member to help you hold them still. This way, neither of you will get hurt.

10. Adopt, Don’t Shop

The last of our money-saving tips for pet owners is to adopt and not shop. Pets can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. But, why would you spend that kind of money on something you can get for free? Animals taken from the shelters or the street will be your best friend and will love you forever. How wouldn’t they – you saved their life! So, do a good thing – save a pet, and it will save your wallet and make you loved like never before.

Author bio: Angie Collins


Angie has been studying to become a vet for the last three years. She dreams of having her own private vet practice after she graduates. She also writes blogs about different pet-related tips and tricks in her free time. Angie is also a wife, a mother, and an owner of one dog and three cats.